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My Philosophy

I am a full stack, freelance developer located in Louisiana. With an engineering and programming background, I bring passion and technical expertise to every web project. My developmental niche and approach to design includes…


Beautiful and concise coding encompassing PHP8.x, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/JQuery, and MySQL.

Content Chemistry

My focus is on original Imagery and Content, delivering the emotions your intended audience is seeking. ​


I build security into every box. The end result is a reduced attack footprint and a worry free site with continued uptime. ​


Each server build utilizes the latest technologies. The end result is a polished box which maximizes the resource allocation.


Vertical as well as horizontal scaling using dedicated database servers, clusters, and caching. Open-sourced and commercial.​


Site design which establishes a relationship with end users. Purposeful. Engaging. Layout consistency and UX design. ​

Popular Services

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